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  • Brain-eating worm found in presidential candidate RFKJ's brain

    Even Presidential candidate & medical freedom activist RFKJ isn't immune to parasites. Not only did docs find a worm in his brain over a decade ago, but the worm was actually EATING away at it. Parasites can manifest all throughout the body, not just the gut. And they are linked to virtually every chronic condition you can think of. If you're wondering if your symptoms could be linked to parasites, shoot me a DM! If you want to learn more about parasite cleansing, click #parasitecleanse #parasites #bileducts #parasitedetox #youahaveparasites #cellcore #liverfluke #strongyloides #roundworms #flatworms #reversechronicdisease #youcanheal #naturalhealing #candida #hpylori #ascaris #pinworms #antiparasitic #brainparasites #RFKJ #RFKJforPres #tapeworms

  • Parasite test + GI Map for $284.65

    Gain invaluable insights into your digestive health through in-depth analysis of intestinal parasites & related organisms. This comprehensive analysis delves into the world of intestinal parasites, covering a wide range of species including (Protozoa, Trematodes,Tapeworms, Nematodes), as well as various strains of yeast, candida and fungi, sourced from all seven continents.  This meticulous assessment includes an analysis of essential bio-indicators like red and white blood cells, mucus, fatty acid crystals, starch granules, undigested tissue, beneficial bacteria, epithelial cells, pollen, and charcot-leyden crystals. ​ Parasitology Center Inc.'s test is up to 55% more accurate than standard parasite tests and 33% less expensive which is why I've decided to partner with them for stool testing moving forward. There are many reasons why most parasite testing falls short, mainly because: 1. Stool testing assumes that parasites reside in the colon, but parasites can manifest all throughout the body. 2. Many parasites aren't eliminated via stool until they die. If you aren't actively cleansing, they may not exit. 3. There are hundreds of parasite species and there are only tests for about 40. You can read more about parasite testing shortcomings here. Click here for a sample report of PCI's comprehensive stool test & GI map, and click here for collection instructions. If you want to give it a shot, email me at to get started! If you choose to move forward with parasite testing, a 15% off promo code will be added to all future CellCore orders.

  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Get mom something really cool & unique that will also promote wellness. Because we want mom around as long as possible! Check out some of my faves... Purity Woods Dream Cream aka natural botox. This organic moisturizer is amazing at hiding fine lines and blemishes. Organic clothing from Pact - from loungewear to swimwear, they've got you covered! CBD Bath Bombs - help mom's aches & pains ease while bathing with these lux bombs infused with CBD. Crisan organic hair growth oil - If mom has thinning hair, she will love this line of hair products! EMF protection to ward off radiation and also because the necklace is cute. S-TRO to help mom balance hormones naturally & promotes bone density, fertility, healthy libido, healthy metabolism, improved digestion, mood support, normal adrenal response, and skin health. (Must log in with practitioner code 1WB98bYU). Dry Brush - help mom improve lymphatic flow, exfoliate and relax! Air Purifying Plants - help mom remove indoor toxins and bring in zen with a snake plant, jade, spider plant or peace lily! DNA Test - This test spits out a report over 275 pages long to provide insight on mood, behavior, personality, cardiovascular health, hormones, sleep, diet and nutrition.  Mom can decode her genes so she can turn on the good genes & turn off the bad ones through personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations specific to her genetic coding. #mothersdaygifts #cleanbeauty #cleanfood #wellnessgifts #healinggifts

  • Blood avocados

    Cinco de Mayo vibes!!! I eat an avocado every day. If you're getting your guac on, I wanted to give you some food for thought. . Due to increasing global demand, some Mexican farmers are illegally cutting down forests to create farmland for avocados. Cartels have also gotten involved because of the high profitability and often demand a cut of grower's profits. Growers that refuse to pay face violence which is why avocados from Mexico are often referred to as "blood avocados." To make sure your Mexican avocados support ethical farming and environmental practices, look for stickers that say "Equal Exchange" or "Fair Trade Certified." Enjoy all the avocados today - those awesome monounsaturated fats help protect against heart disease & strokes. Just make sure to buy domestic to avoid supporting the connection to drug cartels. #bloodavocados #cincodemayo #FairTradeCertified #buydomestic #buyorganic #eatorganic #avocados #avo #eatyourveggies #foodismedicine #nutrition #nutritionist #holistic #feelbetter #EqualExchange #votewithyourfork #shoplocal #farmersmarket #buylocal #supportlocal #farmers #supportfarmers #SupportSmallBusiness #eatorganic #organic #natural #foodismedicine #eattherainbow #lookgoodfeelgooddogood

  • Parasites can cause mood disorders

    Did you know 81% of mental health workers shared anecdotal evidence of a connection between mental illness and the full moon? They noticed their patients experienced increases in anger, irritability, anxiety, depression, headaches and panic attacks around the full moon. Patients with bipolar disorder switched rapidly from a depressive state to mania. If you struggle with any of these and notice symptoms are accentuated around the full moon the catalyst could be parasitic infection. Parasites are more active around the full moon when your body naturally produces more serotonin (which they are attracted to) and less melatonin (which helps your immune system fight them). Parasites interfere with neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and acetylcholine. All of these neurotransmitters impact mental health and mood. GABA calms the body and helps prevent anxiety. While it's a calming agent for people, it paralyzes parasites. Parasites release chemicals to hinder GABA production to protect themselves. Low GABA levels can trigger anger, anxiety, depression, headaches, panic attacks and more. Parasites cause dopamine levels to rise which tricks the immune system from recognizing them. They also need dopamine to reproduce. Elevated dopamine leads to anxiety, aggression and agitation, depression, hyperactivity, increased stress and insomnia. Parasites have serotonin receptors and hijack this hormone, making you deficient. Low levels of serotonin are typically associated with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Parasites feed on acetylcholine for nourishment. Low levels of acetylcholine can leave you feeling drained, moody and confused. This month's full moon is on 23rd. It's a great time to try parasite cleansing, perfect time to knock them out! #parasites #parasiticinfection #parasiteinfestation #fullmoondetox #fullmoonparasitecleanse #decreaseanxiety #depression #mentalillness #mooddisorder #GABA #gammaaminobutyricacid #seratonin #melatonin #dopamine #acetylcholine #reducestressnaturally #insomniaremedies #neurotransmitters #frostmoon #hyperactivity #mentalhealth #tapeworm #ascaris #pinworm #ropeworm #strongyloides #liverfluke #cellcore #parasitedieoff #parasitedetox

  • How to avoid fraudulent olive oil

    Did you know that the majority of imported olive oil has been adulterated?  Many are either rancid or cut with toxic seed oils like canola, sunflower, safflower or soy. Seed and vegetable oils contain a massive amount of linoleic acid which results in excess oxidative stress, metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction, obesity and radical loss of energy production. It also impairs apoptosis, fostering cancer growth. As the use of these oils has greatly increased in the past 100 years, so has the rate of chronic disease. These include commonly used vegetable, canola, peanut, sunflower, safflower, corn and soybean oils. Because of the high profits tied to phony olive oil sales, olive oil imported from Italy may also be tied to organized crime. If you're consuming olive oil to realize all of its amazing health benefits, you need to make sure it's pure. The tips in slides should help! Great graphics from @emilycahillhealth #seedoils #vegetableoils #linoleicacid #omegasix #cleaneating #reversechronicdisease #foodismedicine #realoliveoil #omegasix

  • Why it's SO easy to contract parasitic flukes

    Listen to the crazy life cycle of parasitic flukes and why they're SO much easier to contract than you think. #flukes #liverflukes #parasitecleansejourney #parasitecleanseupdate #tapewormsinmypoopoohole #tapewormremoval #strongyloides #strongyloidesstercoralis #roundworms #dewormer #dewormyourself #dewormyourfamily #naturalparasitecleanse #parasitecleanseinbio #parasitecleanseprotocol #cellcorecleanse #cellcore

  • How to reduce your toxic burden to maximize your parasite cleanse results

    A lot of folks get caught up in where parasites come from and think they can make diet modifications to avoid them. The thing is - parasites are unavoidable.  We will always be in contact with them - not just from undercooked meat, pork and sushi but from fruits, veggies, walking barefoot, swimming in recreational water (many aren't killed by chlorine), tap water which also includes the water you shower with.  They can also be airborne, sexually transmitted, passed in utero and through bug bites and stings. Since we will always be exposed to them, we should spend less time concerned about contracting them and more time making sure our internal environmental terrain isn't hospitable to them so that they can't thrive. How do we do this? -You have to parasite cleanse regularly.  My family does it 2-3 times a year. -You have to reduce your toxic burden because parasites thrive on toxins.  You should strive to eat a clean, whole foods organic, non gmo diet and drink filtered water (distilled is best).  Make sure what you put on your body is clean as well - including toiletries, fragrance and even clothing - most people don't realize how toxic those synthetic fibers are.  Cotton, wool and linen are the best fabrics. Use the Yuka app to scan products to learn how clean they actually are because greenwashing is real. -Reduce your toxic burden around your home, I like to start with the bedroom because that's where we spend more of our time and we need make sure our sleep is restorative, which won't be the case if our room is full of toxins. Buy organic pillows and bedding, get air purifying plants and EMF protection. Minimize smart devices around the house because of the radiation they emit. I recently got new flooring and I stumped the floor reps at first when I asked to look at the non-toxic flooring.  That extends to paint and even furniture as well - always look for the low-tox options. -Even toxic emotions suppress your immune function so practice gratitude everyday and consider somatic exercises to help release trauma from the body. You can't just throw a bunch of herbs or pills at a parasite problem.  You need to take a holistic approach to health if you want to keep parasitic infections at bay. If you want to learn more about how parasite cleansing can be part of your holistic healing journey, book a call with me to get started! #flukes #liverflukes #parasitecleansejourney #parasitecleanseupdate #tapewormsinmypoopoohole #tapewormremoval #strongyloides #strongyloidesstercoralis #roundworms #dewormer #dewormyourself #dewormyourfamily #naturalparasitecleanse #parasitecleanseinbio #parasitecleanseprotocol #cellcorecleanse #cellcore #cellcorebiosciences #parasitecleanseprep #antiparasitic #mimosapudica #detoxparasites #antiparasiticprotocol #antiparasiticherbs #wehaveworms #Ihaveworms #wormsinkin #wormsintheeye #wormsinmybrain #wormsinthewater

  • Raising strong kiddos - International Dance Day

    It's International Dance Day so I have to shout out my not so tiny dancer. Her dance team is fierce and these kids are legit athletes. They BRING it. Go Fusion Dance Team! I'm super lucky that several other dance moms are crunchy like me and our girls are learning how to fuel their bodies for performance. What does not go into my dancer's body... Artificial colors Artificial flavors Processed food Foods high in sugar/seed oils Minimal gluten/dairy Soda & sports drinks like Prime or Gatorade We focus on a clean, whole foods diet that's mainly organic or at the very least non-GMO. Lots of protein, fruits, veggies and healthy fats. Our kids can FEEL the difference when they eat the junk at the birthday parties and know that eating healthy isn't just about maintaining a healthy weight but it fosters good energy, focus, mood and athletic performance. It's not as hard as you think to feed your kids good, clean food. They are worth it! #eatcleanfood #goorganic #healthykidsfood #foodismedicine #GMOfree #eatorganic #organiccandy #artificialcolors #noartificialcolors #foodcoloring #red3 #red40 #blue1 #blue2 #green3 #titaniumdioxide #highfructosecornsyrum #organictreats #allnaturalcandy #noartificialingredients #eattherainbow #livehealthy #fightcancer #guthealth #healthyweight #banfoodcoloring #dairyfree #glutenfree #nonGMO

  • My top results from parasite cleansing

    The first time I did a parasite cleanse, I was surprised by my results. 👉 More energy 👉 Reduced sugar cravings 👉 Constant subconscious picking of hangnails stopped 👉 Constant need to crack fingers, wrists and ankles stopped 👉 Cracked heels gone What benefits have you noticed from cleansing? Let me know in the comments below! 👇 #detoxparasites #parasitecleanse #parasitecleansebenefits #detoxyourgut #reversechronicdisease #parasitecleansejourney #parasitecleanseupdate #strongyloides #tapeworms #dewormyourfamily #pesticidefree #eatorganic #dewormyourself

  • Top 12 Most Pesticide-laden Produce

    If you think washing and peeling produce removes pesticide residues, think again. Every year the Environmental Working Group produces a list of the most pesticide-laden produce. Every year, strawberries come in first place. The toxins in non-organic strawberries are so great that they outweigh any nutritional benefit. Check out the results for 2024. If you're not already eating organic produce - it's time to make the switch. Because at least with these dirty dozen, you might be doing more harm than good if it's not organic. And by buying organic you won't be supporting the industries that are making us sick, killing our pollinators & depleting our soil of nutrients. Other bonus - organic produce usually has 3-4 times the nutritional quality than non-organic. Maximize the goodness Mother Nature intended. #ewg #environmentalworkinggroup #dirtydozen #organicproduce #glyphosatefree #pesticidefree #herbicidefree #glyphosatesucks #protectthepollinators #organicstrawberries #organicspinach #organicpeppers #organicpears #organickale #buyorganic #shoporganic #eatorganic

  • New products for emotional wellbeing, cardiovascular support, long-haulers and more

    CellCore Biosciences just launched four new products to add to your repertoire. ME Support  ➡️ supports the limbic system - responsible for behavioral and emotional responses CardioImmune ➡️  supports healthy cardiovascular function, inflammatory response, and immunomodulation CytoImmune  ➡️ supports healthy immune function, especially during seasons of increased immune stress ImmunoSpike Kit  ➡️ A revolutionary way to combat modern-day immune challenges Visit and register with practitioner code 1WB98bYU to check them out! DM for for a 15% off promo code. #anxietysupport #anxietyanddepressionawareness #healanxiety #healdepression #immunesystemhealth #immunesystemboost #immunesystemsupport #limbicsystem #fightorflightresponse #cellcorebiosciences

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