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  • Is your cookware making you sick?

    As much as these green beans look delicious I'm really trying to show off my stainless steel cookware. One of the biggest toxicities I'm seeing in hair tissue mineral analysis testing is aluminum... and most people don't realize they cook with it every day increasing their toxic load. Aluminum cookware including speckled metal bakeware, enamel cast iron skillets, nonstick anodized aluminum and ceramic nonstick aluminum all leach aluminum into your food. Aluminum crosses the blood brain barrier and is directly linked to neurotoxicity, childhood development delays, autism, cancer, thyroid issues, allergies, flu-like symptoms and high cholesterol.... just to name a few. Toss the aluminum and go for these instead... · Stainless steel (food grade version) · Cast iron free from PFOA, PTFE or other chemicals (this is a great way to get additional iron in your diet as well) · Glass · Copper only if you're not copper-toxic (you can take a hair test to find out ) Notice I didn't include anything non-stick or "green" - non-stick is laced with chemicals and "green" usually contains nanoparticles that could still produce toxic effects. If you want to know your aluminum levels, message me for a hair test! And if you don't know if your cookware is stainless steel or aluminum... I would err on the side of caution and invest in a new set.

  • Autoimmune disease or parasite?

    What if your autoimmune condition was caused by a parasite? Did you know Lyme disease presents the same symptoms as diseases we’ve been told to accept as a natural part of aging? Tests for Lyme often produce false negatives because of the bacteria’s ability to prevent the body from producing antibodies (which is what most tests look for). The bacteria also hide in your cells making them often undetected through a blood test. Because of that, Lyme disease triggers autoimmunity and is often misdiagnosed and/or triggers the following.. • Autoimmune diseases, including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis • Chronic fatigue syndrome • Fibromyalgia • Multiple sclerosis • Thyroid disease • Polymyalgia rheumatica • Psychiatric disorders Parasites cling to heavy metals in the body for protection and can be difficult to expel on the standard American diet. A comprehensive parasite cleanse can help your body over time rid itself of unwanted pathogens. Anyone can benefit from a parasite cleanse, and you may have more (and bigger) parasites than you realize. Not all cleanses are created equal and you need a one that is laser focused on cleaning one organ system as a time. CellCore Biosciences has developed a natural, organic protocol to rid the body of parasites, heavy metals, mold, glyphosate, yeast, bacteria and viral toxicities. Their protocol methodically cleanses the gut, liver and bile ducts, lymphatic system, organs/tissues and cells in that order. If you struggle from an autoimmune condition or have other health issues that you can’t seem to overcome, you may have parasites and heavy metals that modern medicine often doesn’t detect or treat. Message me for a self assessment quiz so you can see if you may be at risk for a parasite infection.

  • What does your hair say about you?

    Hair analysis provides deeper insight into your body’s chemistry than what is obtained from blood tests, so we can pinpoint the root cause(s) of your health conditions. Measuring 21 minerals and toxic metals, the analysis will develop a metabolic blueprint of your body. Types of information obtained from hair include: • Heavy metal toxicity • Dietary patterns • Nutritional imbalances • Inflammation • Organ health • Energy production of your glandular system • Impact of stress on your cells • Nervous system patterns • Metabolic patterns

  • Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Majority of Meat

    Learn what labels to look for to minimize your exposure. Catch the Forks Over Knives article "Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in Majority of Supermarket Meat"? Yuck! “Roughly 75 percent of the meat sold at grocery stores in the United States contains antibiotic-resistant bacteria aka superbugs, according to a new report by the Environmental Working Group.” If you're not ready to go all veg, look for these labels for safer (and more nutrient-dense) meat.... American Grassfed (beef/bison/goat/lamb/sheep) - forbids use of antibiotics & growth hormones, ensures animals are raised in the U.S.A. entirely on open green pastures & aren't forced into confined spaces Certified Organic - animals may not be exclusively grassfed but their diet must be 100% organic feed, no antibiotics or growth hormones, they cannot be confined for extended periods of time Pastured (chickens/eggs/pork) - animals were free to roam around outdoors and eat what they liked Labels like "natural", "fresh", "free-range" and "cage-free" are misleading. #plantbased #wholefoods #foodismedicine #holistic #antibioticfree #grassfed #organic #pastured #forksoverknives #vegan

  • Save the Bees

    With spring around the corner, have an eco friendly plan for how to cohabitate with our pollinators! Did you know that 1 and 3 bites you take come from food that a bee has pollinated? And bees don't just pollinate your food, they pollinate your food's food if you consume meat. And many bee species pollinate, not just honey bees. Sadly recent research has shown the North American bee population has declined by 46%. Pesticides, habitat loss and electromagnetic waves of cell phone towers are killing the bee population that is essential to our existence. Albert Einstein said, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” We can do things to help this! If you have a green thumb, consider planting one of the "Top 10 Pollinator Plants for Hampton Roads." If you're scared of a sting, try this all natural bee repellent recipe. If you have a bee hive or severe pest issue in your yard, please call an eco-friendly exterminator. There are several in Hampton Roads. And pretty please think twice before killing them, we need them. #savethebees #protectthepollinators #lookgooddogoodfeelgood

  • Could You Have a Parasite?

    Millions of Americans have them - be sure you're not one of them! Gut health has a direct impact on your immune system and is the starting point for many chronic diseases. Millions of people live with intestinal parasites and have no idea. Some experts estimate up to 85% of Americans have some type of parasite. If you suffer from poor digestion, fatigue, weight issues, allergies, abdominal pain, anemia, headaches or bladder infections, you could be infected. For $450, a comprehensive stool analysis will test for over 1400 species of gastrointestinal organisms. Then we'll create a strategy for a parasite cleanse & detox. Want to give it a shot? Message me for more deets! #parasites #parasitecleanse #detox #holistic #naturalhealth #IBS #guthealth #lookgoodfeelgooddogood

  • Wellness Protocol for Cold, Flu & Covid Season

    Kick virus booty with these key vitamins! Check out this killer vitamin protocol to boost your wellness and immunity for cold, flu & covid season! This vitamin combo is destructive against all the gross viruses we combat during these cold winter months. I take these daily. D3- reduces survival & replication of virus and prevents virus from entering the cells (more than 80% of symptomatic COVID patients are deficient in this key vitamin) Zinc - stops virus from multiplying Quercetin - blocks virus entry into cells & boosts zinc's fighting ability (also helps boost immunity against allergies) Vitamin C - antioxidant that stimulates antibodies & white blood cells, kills virus at high doses Make sure your vitamins are naturally sourced and don't contain artificial ingredients/fillers - it's well worth the upgrade to maximize your body's immune response! One of my favorite brands is Garden of Life. Put on your immunity armor & stay healthy out there! Feel free to message me with questions. #nutritionalbalancing #D3 #Zinc #quercetin #vitaminC #coldflucovidseason #covidvitamins #covidwellness #antiviral #gardenoflife #lookgoodfeelgooddogood **This is not medical advice & is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. **

  • Benefits of Inversion

    Why you should hang upside down every day! Who wants to counteract the negative impacts of gravitational pressure (aka aging)? I have a really easy solution for you – hang upside down every day! If you’ve never tried an inversion table before, it’s a must! The benefits of hanging upside down are significant. Inversion helps increase antiaging properties like reduced wrinkles & clearer skin with increased blood flow to the head. Inversion is known to help the following... Improves back pain (including degenerative disc disease & sciatica) along with load bearing joint pain Allows for spinal realignment Better posture, balance & increased flexibility Improved lymphatic flow & drainage which aids in blood circulation & detoxification Improves focus, stress and brain function Antiaging properties like reduced wrinkles & clearer skin with increased blood flow to the head If the table freaks you out, you can try an inversion chair or antigravity boots that hook on to a bar. Or you can do some good old fashioned inverted yoga poses. Start with 30-60 seconds daily and gradually work your way up to a few minutes. #inversion #hangupsidedown #antiaging #backpain #detox #focus #reversegravity #inversiontable #degenerativediscdisease #increasebloodflow #reducewrinkles #yoga #upsidedownyoga #invertedyoga #joerogan #lookgoodfeelgooddogood

  • Plants That Remove Indoor Toxins

    Indoor pollution can be up to 10x greater than outdoors - learn what plants can help remove those toxins! In the middle of a home renovation or painting project? Spend a lot of time in a nail salon? You could be exposed to a lot more toxicity that you think! Indoor pollution can be up to 10x greater than outdoors (sometimes even greater)! That's thanks to chemicals in cleaners, paints, furniture and flooring along with dust, mold, cooking exhaust and other allergens. The good news is that you can remove indoor pollutants and beautify your home at the same time with certain houseplants known for their ability to detoxify the air around them. Here are some of my faves: My top fave - the bromeliad. This plant can remove up to 80% of toxic compounds in surrounding air within 12 hours. It's ability to remove benzene (found in cigarette smoke and paraffin candles) is 92%! The dracaena can remove 94% of acetone from nail polish remover, cleaners & paint. Snake plants remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene xylene and other indoor allergens. The spider plant removes 80% of toxins found in ink, paints, pesticides & cleaners. The jade plant removes up to 91% of toluene (in paints, glues & stain removers) and up to 80% of benzenes. Want more suggestions? Others on the 10 list are the dwarf date palm, pothos, peace lily and philodendron. Look for organic plants & potting soil and avoid plastic potters. Happy planting! #plantvibes #freshair #detox #bromeliad #dracaena #snakeplant #spiderplant #jadeplant #VOC #indoortoxins #airpurifier #plantlife #lookgoodfeelgooddogood

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