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Upset Stomach

Parasite Die-Off

Parasites release toxins like heavy metals, viruses, mold, Lyme, viruses, neurotoxins and other parasites when they die.  The release of these toxins can overtax your detox systems (colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin).  When our elimination pathways are clogged or overburdened, toxins don’t exit the way they’re supposed to and can instead get released into the blood stream and make you sick.  These symptoms are known as “die-off” or “herxing.”  That’s why it’s ideal to do a protocol prior to parasite cleansing that opens your drainage pathways

Sometimes even when drainage pathways have been opened, die-off can still occur.  Die-off symptoms can range.  More mild symptoms include fatigue, acne, sugar cravings or digestive upset and while more severe symptoms could be flu-like or neurological.  That’s why it’s important to have supportive detox tools on hand should you experience any die-off (or for when you need them outside of a cleanse).  

Be sure to read 12 Parasite Die-Off Symptoms and How to Manage Them.

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