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SO many of my clients have "normal" labs and are told they should feel ok even though they don't.  Or their doc tells them how they're feeling is normal and just part of aging.  And I've had docs flat out refuse to order certain blood panels that I've asked for because they feel the labs are unnecessary.

This is the thing about labs.... result ranges aren't based off of optimal levels, they're based off of averages from the standard American.... which we know are far from optimal.  That coupled with insurance constraints that don't allow docs to order the most comprehensive blood panels, many folks don't find they're getting the answers they need to start their healing process.


Here are a few other reasons blood labs may fall short:

  • Blood doesn’t necessarily indicate what’s happening in your organs and tissues.  

  • Blood is an indicator of what’s happening in the moment but doesn’t necessarily measure what’s happening over a period of time.  

  • Because most docs don’t operate holistically, they may be unaware of more appropriate lab tests or may feel uncomfortable ordering them because it’s not within their “scope.” 

  • Sometimes there’s a better way to test.  Hair testing may be a better marker for heavy metals, saliva for hormones, urine for mold and glyphosate and stool for parasites.


There are a wide variety of labs and tests that are able to help you pinpoint the root cause of your health condition(s).  These are some that I use. 

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

This measures nutritional imbalances & heavy metals that significantly impact health.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis analysis provides deeper insight into your body’s chemistry than what is obtained from blood tests, so we can pinpoint the root cause(s) of your health conditions.  Measuring 21 minerals and toxic metals, the analysis will develop a metabolic blueprint of your body.

Types of information obtained from hair include:
• Heavy metal toxicity
• Dietary patterns
• Nutritional imbalances
• Inflammation 
• Organ health
• Energy production of your glandular system
• Impact of stress on your cells
• Nervous system patterns
• Metabolic patterns

Test results include a hard copy booklet over 30 pages long outlining the above in more detail + providing diet & detox recommendations specific to your sample.


This is a great test for someone who wants to improve their health based on individualized biochemical makeup.

Your Labwork

Order the blood labs you want a la carte!

No more relying on a doc to order the the right labs or feeling beholden to insurance.  Your LabWork offers comprehensive panels of advanced biomarkers to pinpoint 

areas of dysfunction.

Get detailed information on sex hormones, thyroid dysfunction, weight/metabolism, nutritional deficiencies and so much more... and review the results with a Your Labwork doc.

Donating Blood
Test Tubes

Stool, saliva, urine & blood spot tests

Mosiac Diagnostics

There are only a few labs in the country that are experts at testing for parasites, other pathogens, glyphosate, mold, allergies and food sensitivities.  Uncover powerful insights into the root cause of underlying illness with simplified, science-driven testing.

Click here to view their expansive offerings.  Book a consult so we can chat about what tests might make most sense for you!

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DNA Testing

Genetic Optimization through DNA testing 

Prevent disease.  Slow aging.  Optimize performance.  Every cellular process in your body is instructed by 22,000 genes that make up your genetic code. Nutrition, lifestyle & environment factors impact our genetic function. This test spits out a report over 275 pages long to provide insight on mood, behavior, personality, cardiovascular health, hormones, sleep, diet and nutrition.  Decode your genes so you can turn on the good genes & turn off the bad ones.   

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Self Assessment

Find out what toxins/pathogens you may be struggling with!

I'm a believer that most chronic diseases stems from various toxins and pathogens.  This self-assessment is over 400 questions long but will help determine what the root cause of your health issues may be (parasites, drainage dysfunction, heavy metals, SIBO, mold, thyroid dysfunction, Lyme disease or Lyme coinfections Babesia or Bartonella and more).  I use the results to make detox, diet & lifestyle recommendations.

Parasite testing

Gain invaluable insights into your digestive health through in-depth analysis of intestinal parasites & related organisms.

This comprehensive analysis delves into the world of intestinal parasites, covering a wide range of species including (ProtozoaTrematodes,TapewormsNematodes), as well as various straings on yeast, candida and fungi, sourced from all seven continents.  This meticulous assessment includes an analysis of essential bio-indicators like red and white blood cells, mucus, fatty acid crystals, starch granules, undigested tissue, beneficial bacteria, epithelial cells, pollen, and charcot-leyden crystals.

This test is up to 55% more accurate than standard parasite tests.  Click here for a sample report.

Order your parasite test now!

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