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Parasite Cleanse Info


Parasite Cleanse Benefits

Parasite cleansing has so many health benefits like improving digestive issuesfighting viruses, improving cholesterol, weight loss, combating sleep issues, healing anxiety and mood disorders and potentially even fighting cancer. Click here to see a list of some of the more common parasite symptoms to see how you measure up.


Make sure drainage pathways are open

There's a proper order for detox and it's not recommended to jump straight into cleansing parasites, heavy metals or Lyme without opening your drainage pathways first (drainage pathways include your colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin), especially if you are dealing with something chronic.  This is because parasites release heavy metals and other toxins when they die, and the release of these toxins can overtax your detox systems.  When our elimination pathways are clogged or overburdened, toxins don’t exit the way they’re supposed to and can instead get released into the bloodstream and make you sick.  These symptoms are known as “die-off” or “herxing.”

I use CellCore's Energy & Drainage protocol - it moves stagnant waste through your drainage pathways + provides energy.  It also starts to remove pathogens like viruses and candida.  Many people skip this step and are fine with the help of Oxy PowderAloe or Bowel Mover. but just wanting to give full disclosure that parasite die off can be debilitating if you have stagnant waste built up in your detox organs.  I would definitely not recommend skipping this if you are struggling with anything chronic or don't move your bowels regularly. 

The Protocol

I use CellCore's Para Kit because it's organic, strong & works all throughout the body and not just in the gut. It's also designed to address worms, larva, eggs and biofilm as well as microscopic parasites, candida and viruses.  Most protocols out there including prescription and otc medication don't check all of those boxes.


Most people need two kits to feel like they're "cleared out" but I play that by ear with my clients based on how they're feeling and if they're still passing pathogens.


Most people parasite cleanse several days before and after the full moon because that's when parasites are most active and you can maximize your efforts, but some people take it all month long because they are continuing to expel parasites. The kit has four different products that work synergistically to 1. Scrub the gut (Check out this vid on biofilm to see why this is an important step!) 2. Detach, kill and remove pathogens 3. Bind and remove excess toxins that parasites release when they die 4. Boost immunity. Brace yourself for this, it can be very jarring at what comes out! This is a video I made with my clients' pics (it's a bit graphic) but will give you an idea of what you may see.

How can I order the Para Kit?

Please register on the CellCore site with my practitioner code 1WB98bYU.  I'll reach out directly once I see you in my portal! Feel free to email me at with any questions.

Parasite Die-Off

Make sure you are aware of parasite die-off symptoms and how to manage them. Be prepared with your detox support tools should you encounter die off. Remember, parasites can exit any pathway designed to eliminate toxins so be on the lookout. As always, make sure you work with a practitioner like myself so that you can get guidance when these things arise.

Parasite Cleanse Diet

It's also very helpful to eat mindfully while parasite cleansing as well in efforts to starve them out and maximize cleanse results. This is a great anti-parasite meal plan for those that need more guidance.

Can I take precription or otc antiparasitics instead?​

Ivermectin and other antiparasitic drugs can be great at addressing chronic and infectious disease but the problem is that they typically only address adult worms.... not the eggs or larva.  Also, adult worms release hormones to keep their eggs from hatching... so when you kill them with Ivermectin, the eggs can hatch & can cause more of an infestation.  Additionally, many antiparasitics just work in the gut & not all throughout the body. That's why I use CellCore's Para Kit - it's the only protocol I've found that addresses every type of parasite, at every stage of their life cycle and works systemically.  

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Biotoxin Binder

Biotoxin Binder is included in the Para Kit. This binder is superior to more traditional binders like activated charcoal, bentonite clay or chlorella because it not only removes toxins specific to parasite die-off but it's made with carbon technology which provides energy to heal damaged cells.  I break my binders open and drink them in water - that way they can start binding to toxins in your mouth! Not everyone is up for that but it's something to keep in mind. Also, if you take any vitamins or supplements - take them with the binder. The binder will help deliver them to the cells!

Is the protocol safe for children?

This detox is safe for children but please message me for child dosing.  

Is the protocol safe while pregnant or nursing?

Because parasites release heavy metals and other toxins when they die, parasite cleansing is not recommended if you're pregnant or nursing.  Please message me for detox options if you still want to cleanse. 

Can I still take my medication?

It is recommended to take the protocol at least two hours apart from any prescription medication.  Please message me so we can discuss.


Click here for dosing instructions for beginner, intermediate & advanced (they will come with your kit as well). Listen to your body, start slow and increase dosing if you feel good!

How do I know if parasites are contributing to my health issues?

If you're concerned the root cause of your health condition could stem beyond parasites, message me to take a self-assessment! A host of toxins and pathogens can be at the root of chronic disease (parasites, mold, candida, glyphosate, SIBO, thyroid dysfunction, heavy metals, radioactive elements, etc.) and they are often not captured in various labs/testing. Matching symptoms to pathogens helps to formulate a detox + diet protocol to get your health back on track.

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Medical Disclaimer:

This website is for information purposes only. By providing the information contained herein we are not diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating, or preventing any type of disease or medical condition. Before beginning any type of natural, integrative or conventional treatment regimen, it is advisable to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional.  

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