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3 Nutritional Ratios That Impact Weight

What if you focused on NUTRITION instead of calories/fat in order to lose weight? Did you know that there are several nutrient ratios that need to be in balance with each other to maintain optimal health? When it comes to weight and metabolism, these are some ratios you should be mindful of.

-CA/MG - The calcium magnesium ratio is known as the blood sugar ratio because it's responsible for the body's insulin secretion and ability to metabolize sugar & carbs. Sugar and simple carbohydrates are what makes us fat so it's necessary to get this ratio under control. Imbalances cause diabetes, hypoglycemia and even mental/emotional disturbances. Most people with weight issues are magnesium deficient!

-CA/K - The calcium potassium ratio detects thyroid imbalances and will show if your thyroid is under or over performing. Imbalances cause issues with weight, energy, body temperature and hair/nail growth. Most people with weight issues are potassium deficient!

-NA/MG - The sodium magnesium ratio determines your oxidation rate and adrenal health. Your oxidation rate is how quickly you convert food to energy (metabolism) and your adrenals manage stress. Imbalances lead to an under or over performing metabolism, too much cortisol is the system which creates belly fat, depression, allergies and diabetes. Most people with weight issues are magnesium deficient!

Reducing sugar and simple carbs along with increasing magnesium and potassium is a game changer in turning weight around. If you want to know where you stand, message me for a hair test to find out!


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