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Benefits of taking Lactobacillus strain probiotics

Let's talk probiotics! Probiotics can have an amazing impact on digestion, hormones, immunity, maintaining a health weight and even mental health. Most probiotics on the market aren't strains that will survive the digestive tract or be able to thrive/colonize... they're just creating expensive poo & pee. Also, many people don't take the type of probiotic specific to what they are trying to heal.

Lactobacillus strains are my favorite. These strains inhibit the growth of negative bacteria and aid in the elimination of endotoxins (LPS) which are a source of major toxicity in the body.

-L. plantarum can improve IBD, IBS, gastrointestinal problems, heart disease and even cancer and Alzheimer's.

-L. acidophilus is great for ulcerative colitis.

-L. reuteri is great for mood disorders, hormone balance, reproductive health, dental caries, food sensitivities, infant colic, leaky gut, wound healing and improved skin and hair.

-L. casei is great for diarrhea and clostridium di cile infections, and improves your body’s glucose response.

-L. paracasei is great for Type 2 diabetes.

-L.. rhamnosus may aid in weight loss.

-L. helveticus is great for memory.

I recommend taking a probiotic with at least two of them to reap the benefits. Make sure you are getting a probiotic that's 3rd party tested and doesn't contain any gross fillers.

I like CellCore's CT-Biotic because it contains most of these and more, plus it's made with humic/fulvic acid so that it can work all throughout the body and not just the gut + it has the ability to heal damaged cells. You can find it here (register with practitioner code 1WB98bYU).

If you want to learn more, shoot me a DM!


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