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Check out my kids immunity protocol for cold, flu & covid season

Not long after the kiddies go back to school , the sniffles start to circulate. My kiddo's take zinc, D3 and a binder every day, and when they start to come down with anything we include probiotics, silver, vitamin C, echinacea & elderberry.

I stay stocked up so we have everything when we need it... and ingredients are key! We don't buy supplements with added sugars, gross fillers or colors .

Check out my liquid-based kids immunity protocol. I like Fullscript because I don't have to worry about sketch distribution companies on Amazon that are known to scrub off expiration dates or water down products with fillers and I can get everything in one place.

I also have protocols built out for sexual health, gastrointestinal issues, thyroid support, mood, sleep, cholesterol & more so click around. Cheers to a healthy school year!


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