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Client weened off 8 psych meds with help of detox, diet & lifestyle changes

This is what true #healing looks like. This client has owned her health, did tons of research and refused to believe the lie that she needed medication to be well. In 6 months, this client was able to make radical shifts for her wellness.

She weened off 8 prescription medications that were compounding her issues and had sucked away her quality of life.

She has transitioned her diet to eating organic, whole foods and upped her water intake to 2/3 her body weight in ounces of water per day.

She's gone through hard core detoxing from opening #drainagepathways to #detoxingparasites and #heavymetals.

She now has the energy to exercise and move her body.

She'e making other lifestyle changes to minimize her #toxicburden.

She sought to heal the root cause of her #mentalhealthissues #holistically that started the cascade of #pharmaceuticals in the first place.

She's found joy in healing and has become a #healthadvocate for her family.

She is now such a believer in #naturalmedicine that she's becoming a #healthcoach herself so she can help others to avoid the #psychmed #pharmatrap.

Major props to my brave client for sharing her story. If you are struggling, work with a #mentalhealthspecialist that can help you work through your mental health issues naturally that's a pro at #medicationtapering. Work with me to learn how to #properlydetox and make diet & lifestyle changes that will help you heal.


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