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Connection between parasites, candida and heavy metal toxicity

Candida/parasites and heavy metals are usually interconnected. If you have chronic yeast/parasitic infections, you likely struggle with high loads of heavy metal toxicity. On the flip side if you know you have heavy metal toxicity, you likely have higher loads of candida/parasites. When detoxing from one, you need to address all three. Here's why...

 Heavy metals lower your immunity making it harder for your body to fight off parasites & candida.

 Parasites and candida feed on heavy metals. They also coat themselves in metals to hide from the immune system.

 Candida overgrowth can be the body's way of protecting itself against heavy metals - candida actually absorbs mercury to prevent it from entering the bloodstream.... aka frequent yeast infections indicate mercury poisoning.

 When taking anti-parasitic or anti-fungal treatments you may experience "die off" symptoms as a result of the heavy metals and other toxins being released from the biofilm. These symptoms can range from headaches/fatigue to feeling flu-like.

 That's why you should always use a chelating agent to remove the metals and other toxins when detoxing from parasites & candida.

I offer a variety of labs that can measure heavy metals, parasites and candida as well as some of the best detox protocols to remove these from the body. If you're interested in learnining more, shoot me a DM!


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