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Dr. Raphael d'Angelo on parasites & cancer

More and more docs have speaking up in recent years about the connection between parasites and cancer, but Dr. Raphael d’Angelo, M.D. has been saying this for well over a decade. Check out what he said way back in 2011 on his website Para Wellness Research.

"Most parasites produce toxic waste. Some of them eat and destroy our cells. Some invade our tissues. Some steal our food. Some do all of these things. As tissues become inflamed from such things happening, cancers can arise. One way to think of cancer is an attempted healing response gone awry...

...In a recent month I tested 54 stool specimens. Roundworm eggs were present in 25 people; half were infested with yeast and most had one or more protozoans. What is remarkable is that all the cancer patients had parasites and of those without cancer only one was parasite free! What we think is happening is that the parasites create tissue inflammation and destruction which bogs down the immune system and provides fuel for cancer growth and invasion by yeast. The yeast feed on the dying tissue and they secrete more toxins that further destroy tissue keeping the cycle of inflammation (which promotes cancer) going. By eliminating the parasites and the yeast the immune system is freed up to do its job of attacking and resolving cancer."

Click here if you want to learn more about parasite cleansing.


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