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Dr. Sheri Tenpenny & Dr. Jason Dean on Parasites & Cancer

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

"My true belief of what happened in 2020... from an Ivermectin standpoint... there are a ton of studies on parasites & cancer.. They shut it (Ivermectin) down because if they had people... prophylactically taking Ivermectin or (antiparasitic) herbs... I think you would have seen cancer rates drop." - Dr. Jason Dean

Listen to his whole talk with one of my faves, Dr. Sheri Tenpenny. He shares how his wife had a patient who was going to be in a clinical trial for her brain tumors but couldn't participate because the tumors had dissipated after parasite cleansing. Dr. Dean and his wife use CellCore's parasite cleanse.

Click here to watch entire show is below & click here to learn more about parasite cleansing.


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