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Eliminate sugar, eliminate parasites

Parasites hijack your nutrients to feed, lay eggs and take over more territory in the host. They use amino and fatty acids for the creation of their eggs, but sugar is their primary source of energy and they cannot survive without a steady supply. If sugar is removed from your diet, parasites will not be able to reproduce. That's why eliminating sugar during parasite cleansing is so beneficial.

The challenge is... the average American eats over 30 tsp of sugar a day. A lot of my clients believe they don't consume a lot of sugar because they don't eat a lot of sweets... but once you start checking labels for yogurt, salad dressings, ketchup, mustard, even green drinks.... it adds up quickly.

Once you start to eliminate sugar from your diet you may notice your sugar/carb cravings increase. This stems from parasites stealing your serotonin, which then signals the brain to eat so you create more of the neurotransmitter. As the parasites are effectively eliminated through detox and diet, your sugar cravings will dissipate and it will become much easier to make better food choices.

Read your labels and power through! Message me at to learn more.


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