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Have symptoms of drainage dysfunction?

Your drainage pathways are all of your systems designed to eliminate toxins like your digestive tract, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and skin. When these are clogged or backed up, you are creating a breeding ground for toxins... which is why opening drainage pathways is step 1 for detox.

These are some clues you may have stagnant waste in one of your drainage pathways...

Digestive tract - not pooping regularly, undigested food in stool

Lymphatic system - rashes, acne, cellulite & other skin issues

Liver - poor response to caffeine or a glass of wine

Skin - inability to sweat

I use CellCore's Energy & Drainage protocol to remove stagnant waste in these systems, get bowels moving regularly & to provide energy. So many people notice that many of their symptoms dissipate just by doing a protocol that helps the body eliminate toxins.


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