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Mercury Toxicity

Heavy metals manifest in our tissues, which is why hair tissue mineral analysis is a great way to measure our metal toxicity. One of the most common metals I see in hair test is mercury.

Mercury crosses the blood brain barrier and affects brain, immunity & kidneys. It's linked to anxiety, dizziness, frequent urination, sleep issues, sound sensitivities, ear ringing or hearing your heartbeat in your ears, low body temperature and even psychological symptoms.

These are some common sources of mercury:

-Amalgam fillings (most common) -Contact lens solution -Allergy & flu shots -Exposure to broken fluorescent light bulbs & thermometers -Fish (the bigger the fish, the higher likelihood of contamination)

When checking ingredients, be on the lookout for thimerosal, which is a mercury-based preservative.

Message me if for a hair test to see how your hair ranks, or if you'd like to learn how to detox from heavy metal toxicity.


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