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My body is my temple

I have a word today for my faith-based folks. I often hear people quote, "My body is my temple," meaning they have to take care of themselves is a way that is pleasing to God... and I think a lot of people translate that to, stay away from drugs and alcohol... but then they go and pound processed food full of chemicals and take toxic medications with black box warnings and a laundry list of side effects.

Think about it for a second... what would Jesus really do? Would he eat a diet full of toxins lacking nutrition and would he take pharmaceuticals that don't heal but can actually create other dysfunction in the body? Did you know that we get the words pharmacy or pharmaceutical from the Greek word pharmakeia, which translates to witchcraft or sorcery? Imagine every time you reference a pharmaceutical, you say "witchcraft" instead. There's also a verse in the Bible that says Satan has must always reveal himself. And the most widely known satanic symbol is that of a serpent. Think of all the medical brands that boldly display a serpent in their logo. It's hiding in plain sight. I'm not saying all pharmaceuticals are evil or that modern medicine doesn't have its place... but I 1000% believe this verse in Revelation 22:2 - "The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." Everything we need to heal is already abundant in nature, and naturally healing modalities typically only boast benefits and don't come with a host of side effects. If you really believe your body is your temple, this is a rabbit hole you must explore. DM me if you want to learn how detox, diet and lifestyle changes can help you reach your wellness goals.


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