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Not Feeling Bikini Ready? It Could Be Your Thyroid!

Oh, the things we wish certain labs could get right. Take it from me.... after years of "normal" thyroid blood labs and ultimately begging my docs for an ultrasound - they finally granted my wish which ended up leading to my thyroid cancer diagnosis. So much gets missed in blood labs!! I became a believer in alternative testing and the hair tissue mineral analysis helped me turn my health around.

Hair testing is different because it tests your actual tissue. Hair labs test for nutritional imbalances that impact thyroid, mood, anxiety, stress, energy, digestion and so much more! They also reveal heavy metal toxicity which can also impact almost every area of your health.

What if the root cause of your health condition was simply a nutritional imbalance that can be repaired through diet and supplements? You can find out - there's still time to look fly in that two-piece! Message me for a hair test today.


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