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I always slightly cringe when someone tells me they don't eat nuts because of their high fat/calorie density. While their caloric concentration is high, studies show that eating 1-2 handfuls a day actually results in weight loss!

-Nuts have a high dietary compensation - meaning they are so satiating that you end up consuming less food overall. -Not all of the calories/fat are digested & those calories end up coming out in your poo unabsorbed. -Nuts boost metabolism & burn fat.

Nuts aren't just linked to weight loss. Studies have shown that a tablespoon of peanut butter/peanuts per day cuts the risk of heart attacks in women in half, as well as a significant reduction in breast lumps/fibrocystic breast disease. Brazil nuts lower cholesterol, walnuts reduce strokes and pistachios reduce erectile dysfunction. I eat peanut or almost butter every day - who's with me?!

Nuts are super susceptible to toxicity

so it's important to buy organic! When buying nut butters be sure the only ingredients are the nuts - don't counteract their awesome benefits with unnecessary sugar and oils.


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