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Paying homage to Dr. Rashid Buttar

I was hanging with my girlfriends not too long ago and we were all discussing which celebrity we would meet if we could. My person was Dr. Rashid Buttar... so I was devastated to wake up Saturday morning and learn he had suddenly passed.

Reading his book "9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away" literally changed my life. My husband was able to come off cholesterol medication, my daughter's allergies healed and my son's eczema dissipated just by the implementing the lifestyle guidelines he outlined. He truly was the catalyst for leading me down the holistic rabbit hole.

Dr. Buttar was brilliant, unorthodox and he practiced a beautiful balance of conventional, integrative and alternative medicine. Most importantly he was known to thousands all over the world for helping to reverse autism, cancer, and so many other diseases deemed "incurable" by allopathic medicine. I frequently refer people to his practice.

As a freedom fighter and truth seeker, his outspoken voice during the pandemic cost him his social media channels and landed him on Biden's "Top 12 Spreaders of Misinformation" list because he refused to be silenced. Everything he claimed as early as March 2020 has come true.

Dr. Buttar's a true hero, has saved thousands and his legacy will continue through the protocols he's established. While I'm disappointed I'll never meet him, I'm thankful I saw him speak live this summer. I want to honor him by encouraging you to read this book. I hope you love his grit, fighting spirit and conviction and much as I do.

RIP Dr. Buttar. I'm forever grateful!


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