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PFAS "Forever Chemicals" in Yoga & Workout Pants

I’m a sucker for some cute leggings so if you’re like me, this one might sting a bit ladies!

Mamavation did a study on PFAS, or forever chemicals, in yoga and workout pants. PFAS are designed to make leggings (and other clothing, bedding and furniture) more water and stain resistant…. However they are extremely toxic and linked to really serious health conditions.

So many of the most common legging brands like LulaRoe, Lululemon, Old Navy, Athletica & Gaiam are on the naughty list for containing some of the highest levels of toxic PFAS. When it comes to yoga pants, the crotch area is the most common area to find detectable PFAS… which means those chemicals are getting directly absorbed by your lady parts.

Because these compounds accumulate in the body, PFAS-coated clothing may increase health risks over time through continued exposures with each wearing. PFAS are linked to cancer, reproductive harm, immune system suppression and other serious health issues.

Some brands that didn’t have any detectable PFAS include:

· All In One Motion (Target Brand) Legging · CALIA by Carrie Underwood High Rise 7/8 Ankle Athletic Pants · Fabletics High Waisted Power Hold Legging · GapFit Teen Recycled Biker Shorts · Nike’s Women Luxe Ribbed High Rise 7/8 Yoga Tights · No Bull Project W. Crop High Rise Matte Leggings · Rebook Retight Running Carrera Tights · Spanx Look at Me Now Legging Camo · Under Armour Women’s UA HeatGear Leggings

It’s just as important to be mindful of what you’re putting on your body as what you’re putting in it.


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