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The candida/infertility connection

If you're struggling with infertility, you've got to address candida as a potential root cause. Here's why:

-High levels of estrogen can trigger candida overgrowth. -The main sources of estrogen are from birth control & pregnancy... and most people trying to get pregnant have been on birth control for a while. -The probability of getting a yeast infection goes up about 25% in the first year of birth control. -Intrauterine devices increase candida by about 4 times. -Studies have shown that women struggling with infertility have candida as the dominant strain of flora instead of lactobacilli. -Candida increases the chances of a fertilized egg to attach to a fallopian tube instead of the uterus. -Sperm are drawn to candida. Candida has the ability to slow them down and harm their mitochondria/DNA. -Candida colonies are resilient. Biofilm protects them from our immune system and from being killed by antibiotics.

You can have a yeast infection and not even know it. You can also spread it to partners or a baby in utero. And it doesn't always stay in the reproductive organs - it can lead to oral candida as well. Yuck.

If you're struggling with candida or infertility - consider taking a binder that will bind and remove candida.


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