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Types of parasites

I talk about parasites a lot.... and most people assume I'm talking about microscopic parasites. And yes, microscopic protozoan can definitely wreak havoc on your health. But most people have no idea just how prevalent WORMS are in the human body.

Tapeworms are what most people think of when it comes to parasitic worms. They have segmented, ribbon-like bodies and are typically several feet long. They usually hang out near the small intestine although they can also travel to the gallbladder & block the bile duct. They fall into the "flatworm" category.

Also in the flatworm category is the fluke. These worms are flat, leaf-shaped and won't get bigger than a few inches. Flukes like to hang out in the liver, lungs, blood and intestines. When they die they become dehydrated and look like tomato or pepper skins in stool.

Roundworms are the other major parasitic worm category - think earthworm, but inside your body. Most people are familiar with pinworms, which are small white worms that hang out in the colon. These guys are only 1/4-1/2" long and are a common infection for children. Other variations of roundworms however can grow to be several feet long. They can be found all throughout the body in intestines, liver, lungs, skin, muscles, organs and brain.

Are you rethinking every movement in your body now?? Message me for a self assessment to see if your health issues line up with parasitic infection.


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