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Use this breath test to track your metabolism

Most of my clients are looking to lose weight, have tried every metabolic hack out there and still can't seem to biohack their weight loss resistance. We're all different, and what works for one person may not work for another. That's why I love my latest gadget... the Lumen metabolic tracking device.

You break in & out for 10 seconds to get a metabolic reading. You measure your breath all throughout the day... when you wake up, before and after eating or working out and when you go to bed. You'll get immediate feedback if you're burning fat or carbs + nutrition feedback on what you should be eating to help you achieve your goals (whether it's weight loss, better results at the gym, etc). Women, you'll also log your cycle so that hormonal fluctuations are taken into consideration.

The Lumen can actually create your meal plans if you need them, give you access to hundreds of recipes and if you want to order meals directly to your door, it can do that too. I love this because as a vegetarian, I struggle to get enough protein and my lumen shows that... and gives me great recipe ideas to up that without all the carbs that tend to come with vegetarian protein options. And many of you may discover you're not eating enough food.

If you're wondering if your foods are working for you, if you're fasting for long enough or getting enough sleep... this device will let you know all through your breath. If you wanna give it a shot, click the Lumen Metabolic Tracker button in my bio link and use promo code SHELLEYB for $50 off!


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