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When people say holistic doesn't work...

I had someone recently tell me that they were treating their cancer conventionally because they heard holistic doesn't work.

My response: What if someone told you not to go to the gym because it didn't work for them? You would probably have a lot of questions... What types of workouts did you do? What was the duration? Did you try it for a couple of days, weeks, months? Did you work with a trainer/coach or try group fitness for accountability & support? Did you eat to fuel your workouts and to reach your fitness goals? Are you hydrated? Are you getting good rest? When it comes to treating chronic disease holistically, you want to ask those same questions. You can't just throw some supplements at the problem and expect it to go away. You've got to change your lifestyle as a whole. You have to eat organic whole foods with a high concentration in plants. You have to minimize your toxic burden through what you eat, breathe, wear. You need to detox your body from pathogens, heavy metals and other toxins, and you may need some additional resources like infrared saunas, rife therapy, or IV chelation. So if someone tells you they tried holistic and it didn't work, ask more questions. Did they address the root cause of their health issues and make significant lifestyle changes, or were they just looking for a quick fix like the standard American and get discouraged when the quick fix didn't pan out?

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