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Why I take carbon technology every day

I use supplements with carbon technology every day. Here's why...

Food isn’t as healthy as it used to be thanks to farming practices that deplete our soil and the use of glyphosate that also deplete mineral nutrients.

Carbon technology combats this. It's made when billions of beneficial microbes decompose old plant material in the presence of oxygen and turn it into very nutrient-rich dirt. It's composed of carbon, hydrogen & oxygen which make up 96% of the body. It also contains humic and fulvic acid extracts which are essential to health.

Carbon technology contains over 60+ minerals and trace elements & amino acids and is also a natural antibiotic, natural antiviral, natural fungicide & a free radical scavenger.

The nutrients are nano-sized which allows them to easily move into cells and work all throughout the body and not just the gut like other binders. It also allows for you to better utilize the nutrients in foods, herbs, and supplements.

Carbon tech nourishes your good gut bacteria and helps remove heavy metals, environmental pollutants, free radicals & pathogenic toxins. It can recognize and help disassemble abnormal cell formations, help your cells produce more energy & keep them at the correct charge.

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