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Why invest in a shower filter?

Look at my cute hubs installing my new shower filter from Dr. Joseph Mercola. This filter removes chlorine, DBPs (THMs), VOCs, heavy metals and other contaminants from your shower water . A lot of peeps invest in a water filter that removes these toxins from drinking water but most people don't think about it for their shower which is arguably more important.

Why invest in a shower filter?

-Toxins in shower water are 10-20 times greater than what you drink. -Your toxin exposure in one shower is equivalent to drinking tap water for a week. -Trihalomethanes (THMs) are in tap water and are classified as a Group B carcinogen - THMs are formed from a chemical reaction between chlorine and organic material. -Heat opens your pores which allows chlorine and other toxins directly into your system, unlike when you drink tap water and your digestive processes are able to filter out some of the toxins. -Chlorine concentration is greater in steam, so chlorine inhalation is about 20% greater in a steamy shower than drinking tap water. -Vaporized chlorine gets converted into chloroform gas, which causes fatigue and respiratory issues. -Your blood levels of THMs increase by about 700% after a 10 minute shower.

The good news - Dr. Mercola's shower filters are super affordable -

And for those of you who haven't invested in a filter for drinking water yet - I use Naturally Filtered. Cheaper than a Berkey with the exact same filtering percentages - check them out... and be sure to peep out the comparisons between other filters and Brita... you may be stunned.

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