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Why most parasite protocols/products may fall short

Don't shortchange yourself parasite cleansing by buying a little tincture off the internet just because it's cheaper. You need a comprehensive protocol - here's why:

👉 Most parasite protocols don't work all throughout the body, they just work in the gut. Since parasites can manifest all throughout the body, this poses a problem.

👉 Most protocols don’t address every type of parasite (roundworms, flatworms, microscopic parasites, candida, viruses, unhealthy bacteria).

👉 Most protocols don’t address every stage of the parasite life cycle - adult worms, larva, eggs, biofilm.

👉 Most protocols don’t come with a binder specific to parasite die-off byproducts. Be sure to watch my vid on the downfalls of the most common binders out there.

👉 Most protocols don't provide dosing options. More sensitive folks need to go slow & steady with their dosing, but other folks that are generally healthy may need to dose higher to achieve the desired results.

I use CellCore's Para Kit because it checks all those boxes. Click here to learn more about parasite cleansing.


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