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Allergy medication problems

Histamine is an important neurotransmitter. When you take an allergy medication, you're blocking your body's histamine production. Histamine blockers also block your body's ability to produce stomach acid, which hinders digestion & weakens the immune system. You also need stomach acid to absorb key nutrients like zinc, vitamin C and protein. Bottom line - if you're taking histamine blockers chronically, you're creating immune suppression and malnutrition.

Instead, get to the root cause of why you're experiencing allergy symptoms in the first place. Your body is likely overwhelmed from chronic toxicity exposure from things like toxic food, mold, heavy metals, pathogens and medications. When your body is so overburdened from these other toxicities, it cannot handle the onset of the seasonal allergies as well.

Detox your body & take supplements that aid in natural allergy suppression like bromelain, stinging nettle, quercetin, Vitamin C or nosodes for a specific allergen. If you are struggling from chronic allergies, message me so I can help you get to the root cause.


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