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Black Friday Deals

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

If you've been wanting to parasite cleanse, splurge on an infrared sauna or start tracking your metabolism via breath test, now's the time! The best deals of the year are here. Check them out...

All CellCore products will be 25% off November 21 - December 4th! Register with practitioner code 1WB98bYU.

Who doesn't want a parasite cleanse for Christmas right?! Stock up on these great gifts...

Iodine for thyroid support

S-TRO for hormone balance

BC-ATP for energy & brain fog

All Therasage products 20% off with promo code SHELLEYB20 now through November 30!

These are some of the most trusted infrared healing products in the industry.

Lumen Metabolic Tracker 50% off now through November 28th with code SHELLEYB!

The Lumen Metabolic Tracker uses your breath readings to determine if you're burning fat or carbs + provide nutrition feedback on what you should be eating to help you achieve your goals (whether it's weight loss, better results at the gym, etc).

The Lumen can create your meal plans if you need them, give you access to hundreds of recipes and if you want to order meals directly to your door, it can do that too.

Retail starts at $249 so this deal will literally save you hundreds on your weight loss journey!

Get 20% off your daily vitamins from FullScript November 24 - 29!

Save 20% off your favorite supplements from my FullScript dispensary! Check out my protocols below or search for your favorites.

Get 6 Months of Meal Plans for only $25 (usually $150)!

Get six months of meal plans equipped with shopping lists and meal prep ideas for only $25! Included are options for vegetarians, gluten-free and macro-counting.

Message me at to get started!

Get 30% off all labs from Your Labwork now - December 1st!

Are your labs always normal but you feel like something's still wrong? Thanks to insurance constraints and lack of training, most docs aren't pulling the most comprehensive lab panels to help you pinpoint the root cause of your health issues. Get the labs you truly want and need to start your healing process - order them direct through Your Labwork and get detailed information on hormones, thyroid dysfunction, weight/metabolism, nutritional deficiencies and so much more. A Your Labwork doc will go over the results.

Save $75 on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (normally $250)!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis analysis provides deeper insight into your body’s chemistry than what is obtained from blood tests, so we can pinpoint the root cause(s) of your health conditions. Measuring 21 minerals and toxic metals, the analysis will develop a metabolic blueprint of your body.

Test results include a hard copy booklet over 30 pages long outlining the above in more detail + providing diet & detox recommendations specific to your sample. This is a great test for someone who wants to improve their health based on individualized biochemical makeup. Discount good through November 30th!

Touchstone Essentials products 20% off now - 11/28 with promo code BFCM2022.

Score some of my favorites...

Get 30% off Live Ultimate Black Friday only!

Live Ultimate's shrooms are the best out there! They're cultivated on wood, not oats, so they are truly gluten-free are are 100% mushroom fruiting bodies.

Get $30 off Purple Carrot's Meal Delivery program with code CARROT30!

Want to eat veg but struggling with what to make? Don't have time to shop? Try Purple Carrot's vegan meal delivery program and get ingredients and recipes delivered right to your door! Their Thanksgiving box is amazing.

Use promo code CARROT30 for $30 off your first box.

Get 25% off Akamai Basics Natural Oral & Body Care November 21 - 25!

Your oral microbiome is a reflection of the rest of your body, and your mouth's microbes assist with many processes like digestion, metabolism and blood pressure regulation. That's why you need to make sure your oral care products are clean, non-toxic biofilm disruptors that support detox efforts and don't kill your good oral bacteria along with the bad (like hydrogen peroxide & alcohol). That's why I love Akamai Basics!

Be sure to check out their shampoo & body bars, fulvic mineral complex & dry brushes as well!

Triquetra Health is 20% off sitewide with promo code Holiday.

You can also score 50% off your first subscription of Flora Biome probiotics with the promo code Black Friday over the holiday weekend.

Some of my other favorites from this brand include

Black Seed Oil (natural antibiotic)

Beet Juice for athletic performance

Quercetin (shown effective against covid)

B-12 for energy


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