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Castor oil pack benefits

Castor oil is the deepest penetrating oil, and wearing castor oil packs over areas of dysfunction can have massive benefits. They're usually placed over the liver, thyroid or mid-section and have the ability to

Improve digestion Shrink uterine fibroids Reduce/shrink cysts in ovaries, breast & thyroid Shrink tumors Reduce symptoms of PCOS Reduce gallbladder stones Reduce headaches/migraines Detox the liver Improve lymphatic drainage Reduce gut inflammation Shorten periods & reduce cramps Improve skin, reduce acne, eczema, roseasea and psoriasis Foster hair growth

I'm rocking a Queen of Thrones castor oil pack. It's super important you use organic castor oil in a glass bottle because the oil has the ability to bring toxins from plastic into the epidermis if it isn't packaged properly. You also want to use organic cotton or flannel as a covering for the same reason.

I put castor oil on my abdomen almost nightly. Anyone else?! Check it out!


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