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Coverup names for artificial food dyes

Artificial food coloring is so toxic it's banned in many countries around the world. Now that there's finally hype in the U.S., food manufacturers are trying to be slick with their packaging. Be on the lookout for these toxic ingredients. If you aren't aware of just how nasty artificial colors are, check this out...

Food Coloring - made from petroleum, which is carcinogenic.

Red #3 - banned from cosmetics because it's carcinogenic but can still be found in food.

Red #40 & Yellow #6 - require warning labels in Europe because of their link to hyperactivity.

Blue #1 - linked to kidney tumors, asthma & brain neurotoxicity.

Blue #2 - linked to hyperactivity, chromosomal damage & brain/bladder tumors.

Green #3 - linked to bladder & testes tumors.


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