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Detox dioxins from controlled burn

Dioxins released from the Ohio controlled burn contain over 70 of the most toxic chemical compounds & known carcinogens known to man. Exposures as small as 1/32nd thousandth of a grain of salt is still more than what the EPA deems safe for lifetime exposure. These toxins are fat soluble and can last in the body well over a decade, and will persist in the soil for hundreds of years.

This is a major problem because and isn't just contained to Ohio - winds and waterways have taken these toxins all over the Northeast, which is a massive food production region.

Counter dioxide exposure by doing the following:

➡️Take chelators like zeolite clinoptilolite, humic/fulvic acid.

➡️Boost your immune system with I3C, sulforaphane, glutathione & NAC.& high dose Vitamin C.

➡️Get a water filter for your kitchen and showers that removes heavy metals, radioactive elements, VOC's & other chemicals.

➡️Sweat out toxins in an infrared sauna - Therasage has their portable infrared saunas on sale 20% off specifically in response to this month's events.

➡️Filter indoor air through plants and air purifiers.

➡️Take epsom salt baths followed by dry brushing.

➡️Eat a nutrient dense diet high in plants with lots of cruciferous vegetables, garlic and berries and avoid the standard American diet.

➡️For those in the Northeast, test extra precautions like replacing your HVAC filters, dusting frequently and leaving shoes at the door.

Click here to learn more about how to detox.


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