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Earth Day tips

Happy Earth Day!  These are some of the things I do to help keep our planet clean.  

🌏 Ditch the plastics!  This includes plastic water bottles, grocery bags, cutlery and when possible buy foods & products not wrapped in plastic.  I'm the person that will throw a bunch of groceries loose in the shopping cart if I bought more than I intended and didn't bring enough reusable bags.  

🌎 Buy organic, non-GMO foods. Stop supporting the companies that are not just poisoning you, but poisoning the planet too. It's that time of year to be thinking of fertilizers, weed killers and bug sprays - use natural brands that aren't toxic to you or your yard's habitat.  

🌏 Minimize EMF radiation. Don't think it's a problem?  Take a walk around a 5G tower and report back about the dead bees, reptiles and other small dead critters you find nearby.  I unplug my router at night, put my phone in airplane mode and sleep with it at least six feet away to ensure my restorative sleep isn't interrupted with bumps of radiation exposure. 

🌏 Plant trees and shrubs local to your area to protect the pollinators and revive their local habitat.   Research has shown the North American bee population has declined by 46%. Pesticides, habitat loss and electromagnetic waves of cell phone towers are killing the bee population. One in three bites you take come from food that a bee has pollinated... and bees don't just pollinate your food, they pollinate your food's food if you consume meat.

🌏 Write your legislatures and ask them to propose a ban on chemtrails.  If you are new to this concept or don't believe it's real, The Dimming is a great documentary to watch.  The Highwire has lots of great content on this topic as well.  

What are some things you do?  Let me know in the comments! 👇


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