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Happy Full Moon!

HAPPY FULL MOON! Tonight will be an almost total lunar eclipse, be sure to check it out. We parasite cleanse every 3-6 months to make sure we keep anything new at bay. We're hittin it hard with this month's powerful beaver moon.

In case you're new to parasite cleansing, the full moon is the best time to knock these critters out. The full moon doesn't just cause an increase in parasitic activity... it's linked to tons of irregularities, like...


-Migraines & headaches

-Depression/anxiety and stress (lunatic streams from the Latin word Luna which means moon)

-Increase in ER visits & car accidents

-Menstrual cycles

-Sexual activity


-Even criminal activity!

If you want to try parasite cleansing next month be sure to register at with practitioner code 1WB98bYU asap to get 20% off for Black Friday (which actually starts on the 22).


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