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How thoughts and emotions can impact your physiology

It's the day of love, and I have a challenge for you... send yourself peaceful and loving thoughts all day long. Your thoughts and emotions have a massive impact on your reality, and if you are constantly aligning your mindset with your goals and dreams, you can manifest them into existence.

Dr. Masaru Emoto knew this, and studied it intensely, specifically on how thoughts and emotions impact water. When pure, natural water is frozen and viewed under a microscope, it forms perfectly symmetrical and individualized ice crystals. He discovered that when water was toxic or unclean, the crystals didn't form. But his coolest discovery was how the crystals could change their structure based on different events.

Emoto labeled various vials of pure, clean water with different words, like "I love you," "I hate you" or "Peace." He found the energetic vibrations from the words imprinted on the vial was enough to cause structural changes to the crystals. Check out the results of different words and how they impacted the water's structure below.

Remember, humans are roughly 60% water. When you start to have negative thoughts, think of how you want the structure of your water crystals to be. Once you start to transition your thoughts from negative to positive, visualize your dreams and feel deserving of them, amazing things can happen.

Happy Valentines Day!


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