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How to reduce your toxic burden to maximize your parasite cleanse results

A lot of folks get caught up in where parasites come from and think they can make diet modifications to avoid them.

The thing is - parasites are unavoidable.  We will always be in contact with them - not just from undercooked meat, pork and sushi but from fruits, veggies, walking barefoot, swimming in recreational water (many aren't killed by chlorine), tap water which also includes the water you shower with.  They can also be airborne, sexually transmitted, passed in utero and through bug bites and stings. 

Since we will always be exposed to them, we should spend less time concerned about contracting them and more time making sure our internal environmental terrain isn't hospitable to them so that they can't thrive. 

How do we do this?

-You have to parasite cleanse regularly.  My family does it 2-3 times a year.  

 -You have to reduce your toxic burden because parasites thrive on toxins.  You should strive to eat a clean, whole foods organic, non gmo diet and drink filtered water (distilled is best).  Make sure what you put on your body is clean as well - including toiletries, fragrance and even clothing - most people don't realize how toxic those synthetic fibers are.  Cotton, wool and linen are the best fabrics.

Use the Yuka app to scan products to learn how clean they actually are because greenwashing is real. 

-Reduce your toxic burden around your home, I like to start with the bedroom because that's where we spend more of our time and we need make sure our sleep is restorative, which won't be the case if our room is full of toxins. Buy organic pillows and bedding, get air purifying plants and EMF protection. Minimize smart devices around the house because of the radiation they emit. 

I recently got new flooring and I stumped the floor reps at first when I asked to look at the non-toxic flooring.  That extends to paint and even furniture as well - always look for the low-tox options. 

-Even toxic emotions suppress your immune function so practice gratitude everyday and consider somatic exercises to help release trauma from the body.  

You can't just throw a bunch of herbs or pills at a parasite problem.  You need to take a holistic approach to health if you want to keep parasitic infections at bay. 

If you want to learn more about how parasite cleansing can be part of your holistic healing journey, book a call with me to get started!   


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