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I had heavy metals & nutrient deficiencies in my hair test

One of the most significant tools I've used in my healing journey was when I tested my hair 5 years ago. The test measures 21 minerals and heavy metals to give you a metabolic blueprint of your body. It comes in booklet form and it's 20-30 pages long. To say I was surprised by my results is an understatement.

I was deficient in many key nutrients like zinc, chromium, selenium, potassium and iron. And many nutrients need to be in proper balance with others... and out of the six significant ratios measured, I was only balanced for one.

I was even more surprised to see I had aluminum toxicity and even a little bit of mercury.

These have a huge impact on energy, metabolism, immunity, organ function, digestion and so much more.

I learned I was at the resistance stage of stress, had adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, slow metabolism and impaired protein synthesis which is basically when your body hijacks your muscles because you aren't getting adequate protein.

This test really was a game changer for me because I thought I was doing so many things right. Hair testing is different from blood because hair measures a period of time, unlike blood which is a marker for what's going on right now. And because toxins tend to manifest in our tissues, hair is an ideal marker for heavy metals.

I used these results to further fine tune my diet (the test comes with diet recommendations as well), eliminated potential sources of metals from my diet and lifestyle and hard core detoxed. I'm about to make my 42nd trip around the sun and this is the best I've ever felt as an adult.


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