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Is your cookware making you sick?

As much as these green beans look delicious I'm really trying to show off my stainless steel cookware. One of the biggest toxicities I'm seeing in hair tissue mineral analysis testing is aluminum... and most people don't realize they cook with it every day increasing their toxic load.

Aluminum cookware including speckled metal bakeware, enamel cast iron skillets, nonstick anodized aluminum and ceramic nonstick aluminum all leach aluminum into your food. Aluminum crosses the blood brain barrier and is directly linked to neurotoxicity, childhood development delays, autism, cancer, thyroid issues, allergies, flu-like symptoms and high cholesterol.... just to name a few.

Toss the aluminum and go for these instead...

· Stainless steel (food grade version)

· Cast iron free from PFOA, PTFE or other chemicals (this is a great way to get additional iron in your diet as well)

· Glass

· Copper only if you're not copper-toxic (you can take a hair test to find out )

Notice I didn't include anything non-stick or "green" - non-stick is laced with chemicals and "green" usually contains nanoparticles that could still produce toxic effects.

If you want to know your aluminum levels, message me for a hair test! And if you don't know if your cookware is stainless steel or aluminum... I would err on the side of caution and invest in a new set.


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