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Lyme & roundworms may cause neurological & brain disorders

Have you heard of Pathologist Alan MacDonald, M.D.? He's done extensive research on brain diseases like Alzheimers, M.S. Parkinsons and even brain tumors. He's conducted studies where he's autopsied the brains of those struggling with these neurological conditions and in 100% of the cases, he found Lyme disease and roundworms (and/or roundworm larva or eggs) in the brain.

Lyme bacteria can dwell inside of parasitic worms. And a tick bite can transmit roundworm eggs as well as Lyme disease. Ticks aren't the only vectors of these diseases... they can be transmitted from mosquitoes, spiders, fleas and flies.

When these parasites are in the brain, they can be very hard to detect and treat. MacDonald feels because of this many people are wrongly declared free of Lyme and parasitic infection. If you or someone you love is struggling from any of these conditions, it may make sense to explore treating parasites and Lyme disease.


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