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Parasite die-off, or "herxing"

Parasite die-off, also called herxing, stems form when the body is overwhelmed by all of the dying microbes during a parasite cleanse. Here's why this happens:

👉Parasites can hoard up to 8x their body weight in toxins/pathogens. This includes heavy metals, mold, candida and other pathogens/toxins.

👉They also hoard heavy metals, mold, candida and other toxins in their biofilms.

When you detox parasites, these other harmful substances are also getting eliminated as well which can be very overwhelming for our body to manage, especially if you've never done a protocol to open up your drainage pathways.

These are some common parasite die-off symptoms. It's always best to work with a practitioner so you can familiarize yourself with how to manage them should they occur!


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