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Parasites & Serotonin

Serotonin is our "feel-good" neurotransmitter. It helps people feel happy & reduces anxiety. It also helps control appetite, regulate sleep, promote good intestinal flow, and aids in learning and memory. The body produces 90% of this neurotransmitter in the gut.

Parasites have serotonin receptors just like we do. In parasites, serotonin does the following:

-Enhances their ability to eat -Helps the reproduce & spread within the body -Stimulates their muscles so they can move around more -Helps them to communicate -Aids in biofilm formation (the mucously lair they encase themselves in to avoid detection from the immune system)

Parasites have the ability to hijack our serotonin. When the body senses a serotonin deficit, it signals the brain to eat more so that it can create more of that neurotransmitter. Parasites also love sugar and need it to thrive, which causes cravings for sugar and carbs.

When the body senses parasites, it will release a quick burst of serotonin to speed up gut motility to push them out as quickly as possible. This is another reason why parasites inhibit serotonin... in efforts to slow down the gut, minimizing their chances of getting excreted.

Our bodies naturally produce more serotonin around the full moon, which means parasites are usually more active around this time and can cause more harm. If you parasite cleanse, parasites will try to use up as much serotonin as possible in efforts to survive, which will increase those symptoms related to low serotonin.

These are the most frequent symptoms of a serotonin deficit: Anxiety Depression Anger Aggression Extreme cravings for sugar & carbs Low self esteem Panic attacks Pessimism Increased pain Insomnia

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