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Pesticide/Herbicide Toxicity

My son had his first football practice the other day and he came home super itchy. I instantly knew that the culprit was glyphosate. Glyphosate (weed killer in herbicides/pesticides) is used in farming, on sports fields & on lawns. It's a known poison and carcinogen that can leach your nutrients, can cause brain and nervous system disorders like anxiety, MS and ALS, disrupt hormones, cause infertility and create a host of gut issues.... And there have been over 13,000 lawsuits in the U.S. of suspected glyphosate-induced cancer.

Being in close proximity to a farm that uses it can almost guarantee that your soil, air and water are also contaminated.

Check out this glyphosate map from the EWG - My town in Virginia Beach is jam packed with yellows and reds. This is how my family manages...

-Almost everything we eat is organic. -We take a binder everyday that removes glyphosate from the body. -We replenish our minerals. -We have a hard core professional-grade water filter for drinking water & showers. -We treat our yard with natural lawn products. -We have lots of air purifying plants around the house.


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