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Plastic water bottles are toxic!

Plastic water bottles can contain up to 24,500 chemicals & toxins - ditch them! We keep our fridge stocked with highly filtered water in glass & steel bottles.

Reasons to kick your plastic water bottle habit...

1. Chemicals in plastic are hormone & endocrine disruptors. These are some pollutants commonly found in bottled water... -Bacteria -Fertilizer -Tylenol -Kerosene -Mold -Yeast -Cricket fragments -Chlorine -Industrial Chemicals 2. You're also ingesting microplastics! 3. The estrogenic effect of plastic fuels cancer. 4. Most major "filtered" brands are no different than what's in your tap. 5. Less than 30% are recycled which is obviously horrible for the environment. 6. Filtered tap water is 2,000 times cheaper than bottled water.

We have a Naturally Filtered water filter that removes 99.99% of ALL contaminants in the water (your Brita & refrigerator filter does not measure up). One of the best investments in your health is to upgrade your water and stop using plastic.

Dr. Josh Axe is always bringin' it with the killer infographics!


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