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Prescription & otc antiparasitics don't address eggs/larva

For those who have taken prescription or otc antiparasitics but haven't followed them up with antiparasitic herbals, you're going to want to watch this!

Dr. Lee Merritt discusses why Ivermectin and other antiparasitic drugs are great at addressing adult worms.... but not the eggs or larva. Also, adult worms release hormones to keep their eggs from hatching... so when you kill them with Ivermectin,. the eggs can hatch & cause more of an infestation. This is a great example of why pinworms can be so hard to eradicate.

Additionally, many antiparasitics just work in the gut & not all throughout the body. That's why I use CellCore's Para Kit - it's the only protocol I've found that addresses every type of parasite, at every stage of their life cycle and works systemically.

Click here you want to learn more about parasite cleansing.


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