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Sinusitis is an inflammatory disease affecting the mucosa of the sinus cavities. Inflammation in the sinuses is associated with issues like ADHD, anxiety, asthma, autoimmune diseases such as lupus & rheumatoid arthritis, migraines & diabetes.

Root causes stem from:

-Environmental factors like parasites (a high percentage of people with chronic allergies have nematodes and filarial worms in their nose), bacteria (as many as 60% of the American population may have MRSA bacteria in their noses at any given time), viruses, candida, mold and other fungi, environmental & indoor pollutants, vaccinations & previous antibiotic use.

-Host factors like abnormal growths, anatomic abnormalities, medically-induced issues such as scarring due to prior sinus surgery.

Combat this by doing a protocol to open drainage pathways, create a nasal rinse with Para 3 & break down biofilms with Para 1.

Work with a practitioner to help you pinpoint potential root causes so you don't continue to get reinfected, and to make sure you have the best diet to maximize your detox efforts.


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