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Sources of parasitic infection

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

People usually think that parasites are only contracted from eating undercooked meat or traveling to third world countries.

Here are some sources of parasitic infection that may surprise you…

· Fruits & veggies – those eggs can be microscopic · Swimming pools (yes, even with all that chlorine!) along with swimming in fresh or salt water · Blood transfusions - labs only test for certain parasites in blood donations. And we all know how accurate parasite labs are. · Intimacy – they’re communicable like a virus · Walking barefoot on soil · Tap water – if you don’t have a professional grade water filter you could very likely have microscopic parasites and/or eggs in your water supply · Pets – we deworm them but don’t think to deworm ourselves · Public restrooms – when a lidless toilet flushes a toilet plume of thousands of contaminated particles gets shot into the air & on surfaces

With such common sources, it’s no wonder I get so many amazing pictures from my clients on the regular.


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