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Top herbs to relieve constipation

Are you struggling from constipation?! Step - Eat lots of fruit & veggies ALL DAY LONG. Step - Drink lots of water. Step - move your body. If you're doing these and still find yourself struggling, start finding ways to get these bowel-moving herbs into your diet:

🌿Aloe leaf


🌿Ginger root

🌿Barberry root

🌿Clove bud

🌿Rhubarb root

🌿Black walnut hulls

🌿Fennel seeds

🌿Senna leaf



Don't skip these steps and head straight to the laxative route - they can rob your body of nutrients and good gut bacteria which will actually make the problem worse. For my parasite cleanse peeps - many of these ingredients are already in your products.


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