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Vegan Protein

I was in 1st grade when I decided to become a vegetarian. And not to date myself but that was back in the day before vegetarianism was a thing or before google where you can research protein alternatives. As I got older I become increasingly aware of the importance of protein and started protein shakes & powders in college.

I've tried so many brands over the years and over the last decade my criteria definitely changed. What I'm not willing to compromise on when it comes to protein is:

⭐️It must be plant-based. ⭐️It must be organic, non GMO, no artificial ingredients. ⭐️No added sugar. ⭐️It should taste good. ⭐️It's gotta be affordable. ⭐️Eco conscious packaging (no plastic). ⭐️I try to get to that sweet spot with high protein/lower carb ratio.

Right now I'm really vibing EarthChimp. It fits all my criteria & more... it has over 1 billion probiotics & digestive enzymes so if you take those supplements, this is like a BOGO. And the vanilla tastes like cake batter!

My clients know I am an advocate for a plant-based diet. If you are leaning in that direction and are concerned about your protein intake, give this brand a shot! Use code 27SHELLEY for 27% off.


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