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What do your nails say about your health?

Have imperfect nails? They may be signaling an underlying health condition or nutrient deficiency. These are some common nail issues and what they may indicate:

  • White spots - Zinc & calcium deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction

  • Vertical ridges/lines - B12 or magnesium deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, thyroid dysfunction

  • Horizontal ridges/lines - Zinc deficiency, fever, pneumonia, IBS

  • Nail fungus - Colon issues

  • Yellow nails - Poor lymphatic drainage, fungal infection, smoking, diabetes

  • Pale nails - Iron & biotin deficiency

  • Nail biting - Parasitic infection

  • Dry/cracked/brittle nails - Calcium, magnesium or iodine deficiency, fungal infection

  • Cuticles tear easily - Protein deficiency

  • Spoon shaped nails - B12 or iron deficiency, anemia

  • Clubbed nails - Iodine & oxygen deficiency

  • Nail pitting (dots/holes poked in nails) - Psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis & autoimmune disorders


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