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Which binder is right for you?

Binders are an important part of any detox because they literally bind to toxins to eliminate them from your body. Every cleanse from CellCore Biosciences has binders which are stronger than commonly used binders like charcoal or clay. Their bioactive carbon technology targets the entire body, not just the gut AND supports cellular energy production.

Depending on what you need to detox from, CellCore has a binder for you.

Need a detox from heavy metals and pesticides/herbicides? HM-ET is the binder for you. Want to detox from mold, ammonia, candida and fungus? Biotoxin Binder is your best bet.

Ready to rid the bod of radiation, viruses, bacteria and their by-products? You need VirRadChem Binder.

These are all true chelators that not only aid in the elimination of toxins but also increase vitamin and nutrient absorption, increase cellular energy and provide biomolecular building blocks to the body.

Not sure what kind of detox you need? Message me for a self-assessment!


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